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Our charters are fully customised to you! That means we have no set itineraries and want to know what it is that YOU wanna do the most. We start each trip with a map and discuss the weather and ocean conditions on the day, since they might influence our action plan. Then we talk about different locations, distances and possible activities. Finally you tell us what sounds best to you and we make a plan together! 

Options and possibilities are pretty much endless,

but below are some ideas for you to consider.

Green Coral and Fish


Turks and Caicos is home to the third largest barrier reef in the world! And our barrier reef is not the only place you can snorkel either. Whether you are an avid snorkeler or have never even swam in the ocean, we got you! We have professional snorkelling equipment, we will provide instruction and a guide will be in the water with you the whole time, not only keeping you safe, but also pointing out exciting marine life!

Beach Waves

Beach Hopping

Our beaches are absolutely unparalleled in their beauty. We've got white sand, we've got turquoise water, and we've got miles and miles of deserted beaches and sandbars. Needless to say, the most beautiful ones are only accessible by boat. Let us take you to some of our favourite beach gems where you can picnic, beach comb, or play desert island. 

cliff jump.jpg

Cliff Jumping

The scarier it seems when you're at the top the more liberating jumping off will feel, we promise? We have cliffs for any level, from nice gentle family friendly ones, all the way to the infamous Split Rock which stands at about 35 feet. Whichever you choose we will be there right by your side and we can even hold hands if that helps! That being said, cliff jumping is not for everyone and we would never ever ever suggest someone does it, unless it was their idea!



IF you know, you know. Kiteboarding is actually the coolest activity in the world. And Turks and Caicos is one of the best places in the world to kite, with warm turquoise water, steady trade winds, and numerous uninhabited islands to session around. If you are a kite freak like we are, you came to the right place! Visit our KITE ADVENTURES page to find out more about kite safaris, downwinders and more.



Freediving is one of the most meditative and freeing activities you can undertake underwater. It is performed with no breathing apparatus, and often with the goal of pushing your comfort levels. Turks and Caicos, with its unbelievably clear waters and beautiful reef wall, is the perfect place to practice. If you are interested in freediving, we can have our friend Sammy at Freedive With Me hop on the charter with us and organise a course or clinic for you! No previous experience necessary.


Whale Watching

We are incredibly lucky to have humpback whales migrate through our waters each winter. While here, these gentle giants will mate, give birth and nurse their young. This makes for some incredible opportunities to observe mating displays, hear the magical whale song and see moms with their young calves. TCI is one of the very few places in the world where you can actually snorkel with whales, and we have spent years studying their behaviour firsthand, so as to be able to do it safely and with minimal impact.


Photo / Video Shoot

Nowhere is water as crystal clear and sand as brilliantly white as here! This makes it the perfect place for photoshoots, video-shoots and all sorts of content creation. If you would like to book a professional shoot for yourself or your whole family, our friend Charlie at Ocean Eyes Media is a magician with portraits, action shots, under water captures, drone footage, and everything in between! She can join us on the charter and 

Catching a Wave


Turks and Caicos is not known for its surfing and we would like to keep it that way, we don't need crowd in the lineup. But we do have some amazing brakes and good swells in the winter. If you are a proficient surfer and can handle a reef break we can show you some real gnarl. Just don't go telling everyone about it!!

Diving in the Reef

Scuba Diving

If you already are an experienced scuba diver we don't need to explain why you wanna dive when visiting Turks and Caicos. If you have never done it, no better place to try! Let us introduce you to the mesmerising world "under the sea" where earthly troubles disappear, replaced with weightlessness and abundance of life you will not see anywhere else. We are diving professionals and will be happy to add scuba to your charter, for up to 2 people, either certified or novice divers.



Turks and Caicos is a true biodiversity hotspot and that includes over 200 species of birds!! Flamingos, Ospreys and Brown Pelicans typically get the most attention from visitors, but there is so much more to get excited about! Among others, we are fortunate to have 8 species of Caribbean endemics, such as the Bahama Woodstar, the Cuban Crow or the West Indian Whistling Duck. If you are a birder, Captain Kaja is your (wo)man. She might not be able to ID every bird, but she definitely knows where to find them and we will be happy to organise a charter with focus on birdwatching for you.

great sand ruins.jpg

Historical Sites

Turks and Caicos Islands are rich in history and a true explorer's paradise. There are many historical sites to visit, from the many remnants of the salt industry, through what's left of cotton and sisal plantations to the remainders of bat guano and sea sponge harvesting endeavours. But perhaps the most exciting of all are relics of pirate activity in our archipelago. Whether you are a history buff or just really loved Jack Sparrow, we have something for you.



The famous La Famillia Express shipwreck in Long Bay is not the only one we have here in Turks and Caicos. There are big and small shipwrecks, some deep underwater, some only partially submerged and some entirely beached. Our favourites are the ones we can snorkel, encrusted by corals and home to an amazing variety of marine plants and animals, including lots and lots of juvenile fish, which we love!!


Do you have other ideas??

we are all about what YOU want to do and we love discovering new things

so hit us up and let us know what you were thinking.

If it is possible, we will make it happen!!

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